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For over 15 years, in Enplast we use recycled materials for the manufacture of various product ranges. Today, when sustainability is more important than ever, we can provide our customers with this experience and know-how, and we offer a full range of sustainable products: Enplast incorporates a percentage of recycled materials into its products, which we vary depending on the requirements of the customer, offering products manufactured with up to 100% recycled material. These products are conveniently approved and there are ranges suitable for transportation of dangerous goods.

  • Circular economy is a necessity for our planet and from Enplast we encourage all users to switch to this type of products that incorporate recycled material..

The latest technology available in Enplast allows to obtain the best result using recycled materials:

  • We offer three-layer technology for the most demanding applications. This technology allows to introduce the recycled material in an intermediate layer, so that there is no contact with the liquid inside and also the external aspect of the bottle is preserved.
  • We have control systems available on each machine that guarantee the quality of the final product through constant control of thicknesses, weights, tightness, etc.
  • Our production equipment incorporate the latest technologies to give more reliability to the production process and to absorb any variation that may affect the final product.

The range of products available with these materials is wide, from small format containers, to industrial containers with ADR approval for the transportation of dangerous goods. To know in detail the entire range of products and the possibilities of manufacturing with recycled materials, contact the Enplast team.

Other sustainable solutions are also available, such as production with BIOPOLIMERS, do not doubt to ask for the information.