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Política de Calidad

Quality, both in products and service, is the top priority in our company. Enplast has a long experience in quality assurance and is ISO 9001 certified since 1997 and ISO 14.0001 certified since 2022.

Enplast's Quality Assurance System (SACE) is based on 3 areas of action:

  • Control of raw materials - with approved and audited suppliers and always looking for the highest quality materials.
  • Process control - this is the fundamental control phase, involving all staff, to detect problems as early as possible through targeted and continuous inspections during production.
  • Control of the finished product - by statistical control and sampling of production batches and by traceability, with unique barcode identification of our products.

Finally, we have a specialised laboratory, equipped with the best inspection and measuring equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy in all the controls we carry out. Download Integrated Quality Policy


The company's quality management system is based on two fundamental premises

The involvement of staff at all levels: AT ENPLAST QUALITY IS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY.

  • The elimination of defects before they occur through quality assurance and continuous process improvement policies.

Specialising in the manufacture of plastic packaging since 1979