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  • info@enplast.es


  • Enplast is located in Valdemoro, Madrid, where it has two factories distributed over 20,000 m² to which another 5,000 m² of logistics warehouses have been added.

Regarding the machinery park, we have more than 30 blown extrusion / coextrusion machines, capable of manufacturing in the order of 200 million units.

  • Investment Policy: Every year Enplast reinvests between 6-7% of its turnover in the renewal of equipment and infrastructures
  • Equipment that incorporates latest technologies and technical advances
  • More reliable and efficient equipment that provide the best quality assurance

This is how we manage to maintain a new and up-to-date machinery fleet by integrating the latest advances in the industry into our production processes, which ultimately have an impact on the quality of the finished product, a better efficiency of the production chain and, as a result, also in more competitive costs. In addition, all machines are equipped with an automatic thickness control system, pore testers and, also, an automatic packaging and labeling system.


More than 25,000 meters of facilities

We have two factories distributed over 20,000 m2, to which another 5,000 m2 of new logistics halls have been added.

Since 1979 specialized in the manufacture of plastic containers