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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Enplast we believe in the need to incorporate the concerns of our surroundings in the social, environmental and economic fields into our business strategy.

This need is first and foremost with our employees, to whom we have a responsibility and a commitment to which we have never failed since the creation of our company.

In environmental matters, we voluntarily assume our responsibility to find improvements that will lead us towards a more sustainable development, but not only for us, but for the sector in general. This is why we collaborate with R+D+i programmes that improve the environmental impact of our sector, promoting the Circular Economy and the use of recycled materials.

On the other hand, we want to participate in improving our whole environment in the broadest sense. In a global and diverse world, we strongly believe in our responsibility to make improvements, because we can all do our bit to improve our world.

If you want to know more in detail the main lines of our CSR Policy click on the image below:


Enplast also collaborates financially with various NGOs for the implementation of social projects,

both in Spain and in other more disadvantaged economies.

Sustainable development is the only future for our sector

Today we strongly believe in the circular economy and waste reduction,

as the only path to sustainable development and the only future for our sector.

Furthermore, as a benchmark in the plastic packaging sector, we participate in and promote multiple initiatives that enable the responsible and sustainable development of our activity:

– OCS Programme, Zero Dross Loss Target

Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) is a global plastics industry initiative, recognised by the Ministry of the Environment, which seeks to eliminate the emission of plastic particles (pellets, flakes, dust) into the environment, which can occur unintentionally at any stage of the plastics value chain: production, handling, transport, processing and recycling

– MORE Platform

Platform for monitoring the use of recycled materials promoted at European level by the Eupc

(European Plastics Converters) and supported by the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA).

– Participation in the construction of a new partnership SCRAP

for management and separate collection of industrial and commercial waste.

Finally, in the economic sphere, we are members of ADEFAM, an association created to support, defend and promote family businesses, a key element of economic activity in terms of wealth and job creation.

As an organisation, WEConnect International works to raise awareness of the key role that women in business play in global economic development.

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